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How the game works

How the game works

  1. So It has been asked how big is the game? and how does it work?

    In terms of model scale anywhere from 25 -30 mm will look okay. I did some initial work converting 20mm korean war models to sci-fi, but the larger models are easier to replicate in resin, and there are numerous companies already making weapons, and head bits which are some of the most difficult to sculpt.

    As far as the number of models needed to play a game, you are really only limited by how many you want to sculpt, build or cast. The rules are intended to be playable with large numbers of models. Infantry type models are fielded in teams of 3-5 and may be placed on a common base if desired because the entire unit will survive or be removed together, and there is no advantage in using teams of 3 versus teams of 5.

    Units/models are designed by choosing from a number of profiles common to that size of model so for example all "small vehicles" start out the same, then to customize it you are allowed to take a number of specializations (between 1 and 3) to tweek it a little bit. By using this method we hopefully have mitigated the worst of the powergaming problems, and there is no complicated math to determine how much weight it has, or how big an engine it needed to work.

    The core mechanic which governs movement, and combat has each player roll a number of dice relevent to the task at hand (movement or firepower vs terrain or armor. the dice are totalled, and an action chart is consulted to determine the effects of the action, i.e. how far the unit/model in question is allowed to move, or what happened to the model it fired at. Units/models recieve damage markers which represent both physical damage and injuries sustained as well as the morale effects of being pinned down. The model has a chance each turn to rally and remove some of the damage markers, this also represents repairs of physical damage, first aid, and the ability of the leader to keep his troops fighting.


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