If you can't  sculpt something real, sculpt something real cool!!!!!!!


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Welcome to Havoc Hobbies

The official site of Havoc Hobbies, creators of the Eternities of Conflict science fantasy tabletop miniature wargame.  EOC is a miniatures game designed for those who like to scratchbuild and sculpt their own models.  The product line will include the rules for a tournament style miniature rules system allowing players to assign statistics to their own models, as well as DIY projects that will have instructions for replicating some of the projects we have created.


The setting is far enough in the future that any sort of army is possible.  Unlike many other generic rules sets which are designed to allow you to use other manufactures models in a different setting, EOC is only about using scratchbuilt, or kitbashed models.

Here we have a robotic insect known as a chrysalis attacking a human settlement.

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